International Conference on Bio-based Materials!

Bio-based Plastics and Composites – Biorefineries and Industrial Biotechnology

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Congratulation to the Innovation Award "Bio-based Material of the Year 2014" Winners

For the seventh year running the Innovation Award "Bio-based Material of the Year" have been granted to the young, innovative bio-based chemicals and materials industry for finding suitable applications and markets for bio-based products. The competition focuses on new developments in these areas, which have had (or will have) a market launch in 2013 and 2014, exclusively coming from Europe this time round.

1. Qmilch Deutschland GmbH (DE)
Qmilk: The fiber made of milk

2. fischerwerke GmbH & Co. KG (DE)
FIS Green 300T: The first bio-based injection mortar

3. Hemp Eco Systems SA (CH)
HES-mix: The hemp-based building insulation
3. ZinCo GmbH (DE)
Natureline: Green roofing for the 21st Century


This conference aims to provide major players from the European bio-based chemicals, plastics and composite industries with an opportunity to present and discuss their latest developments and strategies. Representatives of political bodies and associations will also have their say alongside leading companies. As a new aspect, the third day of the conference will focus not only on science, but also on small-scale innovation in the form of start-up companies - bringing them in contact with investors and industry. The highlights of the conference will be the presentation of the first few running European biorefineries and the state-of-the-art of Industrial Biotechnology. It's one of the biggest conferences with more than 180 participants from all over the world and an exhibition which provides an excellent platform for your networking!

Science & Start Ups:

10 Start-ups from the field of bio-based chemistry and polymers introduced themselves on the third day of the conference. Interested to join?


Background of the conference

The 7th International Conference on Bio-based Materials ("Biowerkstoff-Kongress") builds on successful previous conferences - the most successful took place in 2013:

With 180 participants (60% up on 2012) from 23 countries (up 50%), the conference in 2013 further established it as a major industry meeting-place and visitors both grew in number and became more international. Lengthening the conference to three days to provide comprehensive coverage of political, industrial and scientific issues - in conjunction with Professor Dr. Jörg Müssig from Bremen University of Applied Science’s Bionics Innovation Centre - proved a success.

The Innovation Prize of 2013 has been awarded to the following companies:

 4e solutions –